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Meet the Team !

Find out how TheLuckyMagpieSalvage became what it is today ...

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About Suzie...

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Whilst Suzie's always had a creative side, her passion for antiques began with her grandparents (who Suzie notes "their house was full of antiques") ! Suzie grew up travelling counties within a military family, this allowed her to experience different cultures; which later would take her backpacking through places like Thailand, Australia and New Zealand !

Suzie went on to work within the art world and later got the opportunity to work with the likes of Dali, Picasso and Lowrey, Suzie said this was an "honour" ! After counquering the art scene she then went on to work for Ferraro in their creatives department. During this entire time, Suzie was slowly gathering her knowledge and experience within the antique world alongside her day jobs.

Suzie went on to having the opporunity to work with antiques full time, and turn her love for antiques into a beatiful collection she can share with the world, alongside her partner Wayne.
When the business was first starting out, Suzie volunteered at Brinsley Animal Rescue alongside it, the rescue became a place held dearly within her heart...


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About Wayne...

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From a young age Wayne was always passionate about older items, and would seek out "anything with a bit of history."  Every weekend he would either be visiting carboots or different carstles around the country, which is still seen in his personal work today!

At 14. Wayne started work as a landscaper, where he would be "digging up gardens and starting to find different pieces, then learning how to built and install it." This would be done with materials like stone and reclaimed salvage, he quickly noticed he had a skill in the area and followed his passion! This lead him to start his own business, employing up to 30 guys, all installing and desigining outdoor spaces together, bringing a more antique feel to their projects with Wayne's oversight and guidance!

Through his passion and skill, he was able to influence how antiques and salvage is seen today! Especially since he and Suzie became an unstoppable team...

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How the LuckyMagipieSalvage got it's name...

Meet Jimbob...

Whilst Suzie was volunteering at the local animal rescue centre she said -


"An injured magpie was taken in and I used to check on him regularly. When he was set free he never left the rescue. He was incredibly clever and used to follow me around everywhere 🥰 as he was so rebellious he was sent off to another rescue but I always remembered him ❤️"

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