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The MOST Drew Prichard ever spent on an enamel sign!

Good Morning Friends ! As you may be aware already, we aired on Salvage Hunter's last week and if you didn't have a chance to watch the episode, you should definitely go and take a look !

I say this because Drew's keen eye found one of the most beatiful signs we have had available here at The Lucky Magpie Salvage, he was so impressed he spent the most he has EVER spent on an enamel sign with us! It was so much fun to film with Drew and take you all on a tour around some of our stunning finds...

Enamel signs play a really important part in the history of the advertising worldwide.

At The Lucky Magpie Salvage we have an incredible selection spanning from tobacciana through to confectionery. If you have any questions about our stunning range, please get in touch today !


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