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Old school Tobacconist shop that had "stood in time" Incredible Finds!

Just to let you know because I like to let you know - recently you would’ve seen @carbootsandcastles @kestrel_antiques and @theluckymagpiesalvage securing the most incredible find! A Victorian Tobacconist Haberdashery Cabinet from an old shop that stood in time in Kensington, London. This specific shop survived the blitz and has such wonderful history!

As this was meticulously taken down with care, a decision was made by the guys to really bring this piece to life...

Now this stunning find is available at the barn in situ showcasing it’s full creative potential.

The tobacconist/haberdashery comes in two sections. This makes it a wonderful statement piece for an interior design project.

Both sections are available to purchase together or seperately.

Material - Mahogany Measurements- Section 1 - 15ft x height 7ft 5” Section 2 - 11ft 6” height 7ft 5”

Please message for further information if your interested in this beatiful find.

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