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The Lucky Magpie Salvage


Hollis Lane Top, Chesterfield, S41 7RA

We want to be known as the place for quality and unique finds that our
customers adore. We are incredibly authentic in who we are and will
only offer the best advice to our knowledge. If we don't have what the
customer is looking for, it is more than likely we can
source it.


The Lucky Magpie Salvage has put together a customer journey to amerce you in the curious...


As you walk through the salvage and curiosity  centre there are sections designated for different focuses e.g lamps and lights, military, nostalgia, signs, fairground, and Kitchenalia.


We want our customers to feel that they have really just made an incredible find for their home or business.


Our vision is to be the place for all of your unique finds and curiosities.



I have always been creative at heart following the vintage lifestyle.

My fascination with unique finds, salvage, and antiques started from a young age. I found myself amerced in the creative world of work from managing artists to dealing in rare finds and sourcing pieces for clients. My mum always told me that I was ‘born in the wrong era’ as my style represents times gone by, I couldn’t imagine being any other way.

The excitement of salvaging and giving a new home to pieces that have a story brings me so much happiness. The Lucky Magpie Salvage represents a journey through time which I want all my clients to
enjoy. Whether you’re wanting a small token to add to a room or are working on a project that requires a consultation it will always be my absolute pleasure to help you!

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